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Welcome to the first and only site
dedicated to the Jazz design!

Solo Jazz Cup

Do you remember this cup?

They were cool, they were everywhere, and now they have a website all to themselves!

Jazz Pizzazz is a project which aims to collect as many findings with the Jazz design as possible.


Anything can be Jazz! Shoes? Jazz! Car? Jazz! House? Haven't seen that one yet, but sure, Jazz!

Ordinary objects are just that, ordinary. But throw a Jazz symbol on them, and suddenly they're radical!

That's how you add some pizzazz to your life with Jazz!

Quick guide

  • To learn more about the creation of the Jazz image, visit the history section

  • For a more in-depth explanation covering Jazz Pizzazz and its owner, visit the about section

  • To discover a world filled with Jazz, visit the gallery (artist name and link provided when clicked)

  • To get some free stuff, check out the available downloads

  • To share your own creation or finding with Jazz, please use the submission form

  • For a chill song to complement slideshows or browsing, click the icon down below (updated monthly)

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